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water leak solutions
water leak solutions

Water leaks

Water leaks can cause great damages and inconveniences to us. A serious water leak may even flood the whole place, causing electric trip and endangering life.

Water leakage through ceilings, floors, walls and slabs can lead to architectural or structural defects.

Detailed investigations will help in ascertaining the cause of the water leaks. As water leakage repairs are often expensive and disruptive, the principle is to “do it right the first time.”

There are several methods to address water leaks, depending on the severity and extent of the water leaks. A water leak may require more than a single repair method to be effective.

We provide water leakage solutions that suit your budget and preference. Many of our clients would go for a quick and efficient fix with minimum disruptions to our daily life. There are also some clients who prefer to “overhaul” the affected areas and do an upgrade to serve their needs better.

We have the solutions to your water leakage.